A pair of silk stockings by

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A pair of silk stockings by

Historically, even though the word sock is at least as ancient in origin, what men normally wore were often referred to as stockings, probably especially when referring to longer hose. Before the s, stockings were made of woven cloth. The first knitting machines were for making stockings.

A polished cotton called lisle was common, as were those made in the town of Balbriggan. Before the s, stockings, if worn, were worn for warmth. Women, particularly during the pioneer days, wore long underwear longjohns underneath their long dresses.

In the s, as hemlines of dresses rose, and churches were not heated, women began to wear flesh-colored stockings over their longjohns to cover their exposed legs. Those stockings were sheer, first made of silk or rayon then known as "artificial silk" and after of nylon.

Kronenberg brand stocking from midth century The introduction of nylon in by chemical company DuPont began a high demand for stockings in the United States with up to 4 million pairs being purchased in one day. Nylon stockings were cheap, durable, and sheer compared to their cotton and silk counterparts.

When America entered World War IIDuPont ceased production of nylon stockings and A pair of silk stockings by their factories to produce parachutes, airplane cords, and rope.

This led to a shortage and the creation of a black market for stockings. At the end of the war DuPont announced that the company would return to producing stockings, but could not meet demand. This led to a series of disturbances in American stores known as the nylon riots until DuPont was able to ramp up production.

Today, stockings are commonly made using knitted wool, silk, cotton or nylon see hosiery. The introduction of commercial pantyhose in gave an alternative to stockings, and the use of stockings declined dramatically. A main reason for this was the trend towards higher hemlines on dresses see minidress.

Benefits and drawbacks[ edit ] Stockings are still sometimes preferred to pantyhose for a number of reasons. Both nylon stockings and pantyhose in being sheer share the advantage of being quick-drying compared to pants. Spare pairs are also easy to carry if they are ruined. However, stockings do have a drawback in colder weather, because more skin is exposed to the cold compared to pantyhose.

Also, pantyhose do not require garters or garter belts, and do not need to be adjusted as much, whilst also leaving a smoother line under form-fitting clothing.

A garter belt with guipure lace A woman wearing stay-up stockings held up by elastic Stockings can be held up in one of three ways: A garter belt AmEor suspender belt or suspenders BrEis the most common way of holding up stockings.

It is a piece of underwear worn around the waist like a belt but under clothing which has "suspenders" or "stays" that clip to the tops of the stockings. The inside of the top of the stockings has a band typically silicone of elastic or highly tractive material that resists slipping down the thigh.

However, there is no consistent sizing for differences in thigh circumference, resulting in some stockings either falling down or being too tight, leaving red marks and possibly aggravating varicose veins. It is slipped over the top of the stocking to hold the stocking by essentially clamping it to the leg.

These are the garters typically worn by a bride at her wedding.

A pair of silk stockings by

They have similar disadvantages to "stay-ups". In modern usage, stocking specifically refers to the form of hosiery configured as two pieces, one for each leg except for American and Australian Englishwhere the term can also be a synonym pantyhose.Before the s, women would not leave the house without wearing a pair of silk stockings.

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A pair of silk stockings by

of results for "a pair of silk stockings" A Pair of Silk Stockings and Other Short Stories (Dover Thrift Editions) Sep 24, by Kate Chopin.

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A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin