An introduction to the writings of evan ratliff for wired magazine

H1 'Guest post by Dave Malouf. They call it a festival so people don't think they are supposed to come and sit on their butts for the 3 days.

An introduction to the writings of evan ratliff for wired magazine

Mar Atavist Magazine - The Mastermind - 7 Part Article Series by Evan Ratliff - article series about Paul Calder Le Roux Jun Wired Magazine - A $50 Million Hack Just Showed That the DAO Was All Too Human by Klint Finley. Evan Ratliff is an author on WIRED. Read Evan Ratliff's bio and get latest news stories and articles. Connect with users and join the conversation at WIRED. [i.e. the writing instrument is in the container] The box is in the pen. [i.e. the container is in the playpen or the pigpen] There are two possible ways that a person could correctly infer the meaning of .

Where accuracy meets flair. She had a passion for science. Ina long piece of the writer's called "The Curve of Binding Energy" received her full-time attention for three or four weeks and needed every minute of it.

Explaining her work to an audience at a journalism school, Sara once said, "Each word in the piece that has even a shred of fact clinging to it is scrutinized, and, if passed, given the checker's imprimatur, which consists of a tiny pencil tick.

Wheeler had told the writer about a Japanese weapon balloon landing on a nuclear reactor at the Hanford Engineer Works, in the winter of or If Wheeler's story were true, it would make it into print. If unverifiable, it would be deleted.

Sara's telephone calls ricocheted all over the U. Sara finally located a site manager who confirmed that the balloon had landed on a high-tension line carrying power to the reactor. The fix was made and the piece ran. Sometimes a mistake is introduced during the checking process. This has happened to the writer only once—and nearly thirty years ago.

The piece, called "Basin and Range," was the first in a series of long pieces on geology. Mentions current fact-checker Joshua Hersh. Sara, who checked the "Basin" piece, told the writer that he was wrong about the Adriatic Plate, that it is not moving north but southwest.

Eldridge Moores had apparently confirmed it. After the piece was published, the writer called Moores, who said that it was in fact the Aegean Plate, not the Adriatic, that was moving southwest.

Any error is everlasting. Mentions Time and Atlantic. After an error gets into The New Yorker, heat-seeking missiles rise off the earth and home in on the author, the fact-checker, and the editor.

In the comfortable knowledge that the fact-checking department is going to sweep up behind him, the writer likes to guess at certain names and numbers early on. Mentions Willy Bemis and the Illinois River. Describes the process of fact-checking a piece the writer wrote in about tracing John and Henry Thoreau's upstream journey.

Mentions Henry Moore's "Oval with Points. The task took him three months.

An introduction to the writings of evan ratliff for wired magazine

But the really bold idea is that we could reach a point—and this is a distant point in the future—where we become so good at this that we really reach a point where we have the "final plague," and where we are really capable of catching so many of these things that new pandemics become an oddity.

I think that is something that we should certainly have as an ideal.

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Then I never really came back from that. He describes himself as "a nice Jewish boy from suburban Detroit", which opens up an interesting line of research for Edge scientists, given that our other pandemics expert, Larry Brilliant, Executive Director of Google.

My grandmother, for years, even when I became an assistant professor at Hopkins, said, "Will this let you go back and get an MD now, Nathan? I do come from that sort of family background, but they just figure it is working out okay. They certainly wish I would make a lot more money.

But I told them you were going to help me with that. His research combines methods from molecular virology, ecology, evolutionary biology, and anthropology to study the biology of viral emergence.Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Wired Magazine featured an article this month on Ford’s introduction of cloud-based, in-car apps, a new trend that is expected to spread wide across auto-show floors.

Millennials, a demographic steadily increasing among the driving population, are far more immersed in social media than other groups. In a contest hatched by Wired magazine, writer Evan Ratliff tried to see if he could fly below the radar for 30 days with a bounty over his head. Starting Aug.

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With An Introduction By BRIAN ENO The world's finest minds have responded with some of the most insightful, humbling, fascinating confessions and anecdotes, an intellectual treasure trove. Best three or four hours of intense, enlightening reading you can do for the new year. Aug 16,  · These days I do a lot of magazine writing, but I also write brochures for nonprofits.

I've written a couple of books, on such diverse topics as pesticide regulation and interventional radiology. Mostly I write about healthcare, consumer health and medical science. Julian Dibbell is a contributing editor at Wired Magazine and the author of the books Play Money: Or, How I Quit My Day Job and Made Millions Trading Virtual Loot .

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