Anne mulcahy xerox turnaround

History[ edit ] Xerox was founded in in Rochester as The Haloid Photographic Company, [10] which originally manufactured photographic paper and equipment. In Chester Carlsona physicist working independently, invented a process for printing images using an electrically charged photoconductor-coated metal plate [11] and dry powder "toner". However, it would take more than 20 years of refinement before the first automated machine to make copies was commercialized, using a document feeder, scanning light, and a rotating drum. Wilsoncredited as the "founder of Xerox", took over Haloid from his father.

Anne mulcahy xerox turnaround

Leadership Content Xerox is a household name, and many people have a hard time listing other big players in the copier business. In fact, the Stamford, Ct. It has been pretty ugly. The daylong conference, held at The Inn at Penn, featured a series of speakers on developing leadership at corporations and in the military.

For Mulcahy, the leadership challenge is enormous. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking at the practices. Because of these problems, the company delayed filing its annual report for the recently ended fiscal year. On another front, some minority employees have sued the company, alleging discrimination.

Added to all this is the weakening economy. Mulcahy is widely expected to someday become CEO. One of her top priorities, she says, is to push the company more aggressively into the color copier and printing business, and to integrate its equipment into the Internet.

Xerox has great expertise in sales and technology, and Mulcahy is working to remedy its weakness in marketing — a common problem in companies that enjoy monopolies in their early years, she noted.

Xerox, she added, has never been especially good at managing its cash and putting it to the best use — a pattern she is trying to change. But about 10 years ago, Xerox changed from a centrally organized and directed company to one that gives greater authority to managers further down the hierarchy.

Leadership is really at the top of the list. It quickly became apparent that we needed people to want to learn. She listed several basic leadership guidelines: A good leader will recognize what she does not know and be willing to learn all the time.

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A leader must have a clear vision of where she wants the company to go. Xerox, she said, had long had a good vision but had not acted forcefully to implement it. A leader must give others power to make decisions. Good managers, she said, recognize their own shortcomings and find others who are strong in those areas.

To spur this process, Xerox encourages managers to constantly assess their own performance and to receive feedback from associates, both above them and below. In addition to business discussions, the forums include events such as Outward Bound-type experiences, designed to build personal relationships.

Her own strength is in operations, she said, and she finds others to shore up her weaknesses in strategic thinking.

During much of her career she avoided leadership-training courses, she said, noting that she found her first degree feedback session far more valuable.

Anne mulcahy xerox turnaround

She predicts the company will return to profitability in the second half of the year.Scratch the surface of a true leader, or look beneath his or her personality, and you’ll find character. The traits and values that make up the character of a good business leader are, for the most part, similar to those that make up the character of an outstanding citizen.

May 21,  · Xerox Chairman and Chief Executive Anne Mulcahy, credited for the company's turnaround over the past several years, will retire on July 1, reported the board of directors on Thursday.

President. The former CEO on corporate culture and why she has no faith in companies that don’t reflect diversity.

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Mulcahy and her team are responsible for an aggressive, multibillion-dollar turnaround plan that returned Xerox to profitability – significantly . Nov 21,  · Startups news from the, including the latest news, articles, quotes, blog posts, photos, video and more.

Aug 05,  · If Anne M.

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Mulcahy ever does manage to save Xerox Corp. (XRX), then surely June 14 will look like a turning point. Mulcahy, president and CEO-in-waiting, flew from headquarters in Stamford, Conn.

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