Books and the internet

However, the only way to get at the information you want is to scour through piles of data from uncertain sources. Anyone can say anything about any topic they want, without regard to truth or not.

Books and the internet

Which is the better book: War and Peace or installment one of The Hunger Games? But what if you asked everyday readers on the Internet? Over four million members of the website Goodreads have rated the first installment of The Hunger Games on a scale, and it has received an average score of 4.

By comparison, the average score given by thepeople who have rated War and Peace is 4. They likely have different backgrounds and expectations in literature. Still, Goodreads ratings provide a glimpse into the literature that people actually like the most, and how that might differ from the critics.

We know what the literati think from the variety of literary prizes and lists of books you must read before you die. But what do the people say? We collected the ratings for tens of thousands of books on Goodreads to find out.

Our analysis shows that the books people are most exuberant about include Calvin and Hobbes, manga and South American poetry.

And if you want to read a classic blessed by both the critics and the Internet, you should pick up a novel by Robert Graves or Vladimir Nabokov —and avoid James Joyce like the plague.

We also found that George R. Martin is the king of fantasy and Nigella Lawson the queen of cookbooks, and that Goodreads ratings suggest that David Foster Wallace is the 57th most loved fiction writer.

Calvin and Hobbes collections are among the most highly rated books on Goodreads.

Books and the internet

The website Goodreads was launched in as a social platform for readers to share their book recommendations and catalogue what they have read. Well over million ratings have been given to the more than 10 million books listed on the site.

We ended up with a dataset of over 23, notable books. With this data in hand, we turned to the question of which books the Internet think are best. The following table displays the twenty highest rated books in our dataset.

We only included books with over 2, ratings.

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For reference, the average book gets a rating of 3. With a score of 4. One, almost everyone who reads this book loves it, or two, Calvin and Hobbes fans are unusually devoted to the strip and likely to vote on Goodreads. It is likely some combination of the two.

Comics are well represented on this list of Goodreads most loved books. Religious and fantasy novels also do well. The books that receive the most ratings on Goodreads, such as the Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones series, do not appear on this list.

In fact, none of the 55 books that have received over a million ratings score above 4. Are the most popular books also well loved? The chart below displays the number of ratings and average rating for every book in our dataset.Bookwire offers the most complete list of books with comparison prices of the books you want from all the major online retailers.

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