Double unkown final project

In the case of Little Bazeley, I had the huge advantage of knowing exactly what I wanted, namely an Inglenook Sidings shunting puzzle, and what to avoid by way of previous negative experiencenamely designing a layout which would not be operable on its own and require some kind of "add-on" in order to run it as a shunting puzzle. Whilst both the idea of having an Inglenook shunting puzzle as well as giving it a name which strongly hinted at a small layout were there right from the beginning, the original concept centered around a much larger concept - a "modular" layout.

Double unkown final project

In the end the author believe that they did just that. Plans were ordered from the Civil Guard's weapons engineers and arms designers to have specifications for an improved shorter barreled rifle design for production testing.

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This trial design was to be ready by Double unkown final project at the latest. At thistime frame in the military capacity of the Civil Guard, they had not yet gained the capacity to produce their own rifle barrels for the weapons they were equipped with. At the same time these contract talks were going on, the Civil Guard began to set up a weapons work shop in the city of Rhiihamki Finland to assemble and produce their own weapons.

The initial order was made for 10, barrels. It was stipulated that delivery of these barrels had to be completed by February of Upon receipt of the first order of barrels, a duplicate order of an additional 10, barrels was placed with the Swiss firm again later on that year-possibly the spring of again.

The total production of barrels produced by SAKO was barrels or less in the year that they had the ability to manufacture the barrels at the end of the model 28 production.

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This marking would be made in the right side finger groove of the stock. The assembled rifles were to be produced in four distinct series as broken up in serial numbered lots.

This was done in part due to the financial burden the order placed upon the Civil Guard. The initial lot of rifles in the first series production was paid for with federal funds by the Finnish government. It's meaning was simple-the rifle was accepted by the Civil Guard inspection team as being successfully modified from a longer model style stock.

The "S" number of the district that this rifle was issued to is also clear just above the woodline. The serial numbers of the new rifle were to begin at 1 and be sequential after that.

Double unkown final project

The initial production series was set at the factory to be in lots of approximately 10, rifles. The first series of production was ready for delivery by August of The second series of rifles in the production schedule was begun and it was delivered to the Civil Guard from November of to June of This second series of rifles was serial numbered 10, These first two series of rifles utilized the entire barrel contract from the Swiss firm SIG.

The third series of rifles produced was the first to use the domestic barrels obtained from the Finnish firm of Tikkakoski who aslo produced barrels for the Army. This series of rifles was serial numbered from 20, to 30, These rifles were in part received by the Civil Guard during the winter of with the last portion of the delivery of the third series delayed until June of This was due in part to the fact that the rifles were completed when funds were available to the Civil Guard to pay for them.

This final series was to start at 30, and portions of it were not delivered until April of The whole order was not ready for delivery until November of It should be noted that in the initial contract of barrels from SIG it was found that approximately 7, of the 10, barrels had a larger rifling cut. F1 OPT Jobs, CPT, Citizen and H1B Jobs

Depending on the time frame of production and final assembly it was found that many of the rifles were not compatible in rifling rates at the breech. At this time the rifling was changed from The start to any layout construction is the baseboard, and here the golden rule is that nothing you put on top of it will really keep the promises it holds unless the baseboard you use is built to last, keeps its shape and provides you with an even surface.

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During the ’s it was generally decided by both the Army and the Civil Guard that the m/91 rifle that was in need of an update. Both the Army and the Suojeluskunta or Civil Guard, which was roughly an equivalent of the American National Guard, had been looking at updating and improving their longer m/ series rifles.

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I also recorded the process of this drawing if you where interested to see it.

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