Hospitality experiences

Whether you are planning a special event or are a guest of our hotel, restaurants, or a wedding, our promise to you is the same: You are in excellent hands. Each member of our team is dedicated to ensuring your experience or event is executed flawlessly. Based in Cambridge, Ontario, we serve all of Southwestern Ontario and beyond.

Hospitality experiences

As the prospective employee, make sure you are doing your best to highlight what employers want to see on your resume and cover letter.

Hospitality experiences

Here is a list of the top five skills that employers want to see and tips for making sure these skills stand out on your application materials. Building connections Success in hospitlaity management jobs depends a great deal on a person's ability to make positive connections with clients, guests, vendors, and even other employees.

After all, the industry is all about comfort and service. To let employers know that you are great at making connections, use keywords which are bolded throughout this article like relationship building, vendor management, client management, guest relations, and team leadership in your job descriptions.

Highlight accomplishments that demonstrate how you were able to have positive crisis communications by developing positive relationships that lasted. Multitasking At all levels, careers in hospitality require employees to handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously.

Hospitality experiences

On a typical day, a hotel manager might have to negotiate a contract with a vacuum rental company, handle a dissatisfied guest, fill out paperwork for an employee injured in a kitchen fire, and keep a smile on his or her face to greet new guests, all in the course of one afternoon.

Employers want to know you can handle the fast paced, varied work load. Be sure to highlight these skills with keywords like organizational skills, proven time management expertise, and phrases that highlight your ability to adapt quickly to guests' needs and manage simultaneous projects.

Attention to detail It's the little things that make a guest's experience extraordinary. As a prospective hospitality manager, use your resume and cover letter to highlight specific instances where these skills shone through.

Technical and language skills Computer skills and language skills are two areas of technical expertise that make a hospitality manager stand out from the pack.

Be sure to highlight any technical expertise on your resume. Definitely take the opportunity to mention specific programs that you are particularly adept at, or special training that you have received at past jobs.

For languages, accurately represent your abilities and indicate whether your skill with the language is basic, conversational, or fluent.


Flexibility Hospitality managers often have unusual hours or longer hours than a basic desk job. It is also very important to provide key examples to demonstrate your flexibility. For example, you can add: As a result, hospitality managers are in high demand, yet truly qualified candidates are hard to find.

Employers are looking for you! So use these tips and keywords on your resume and you'll find soon that employers are knocking on your doorj Related Articles:Corporate Activity Days and Hospitality Packages – Golf Days, Powerboat Experiences and Aeroplane Acrobatics. Corporate Activity Days are a popular tool for businesses that are looking to get out of the office and try something different to conventional corporate hospitality experience either as a staff incentive or client entertainment tool.

Watch this short video to see and hear what our dining series experiences are all about. About the Dining Series During the academic year, Advanced Food and Beverage students majoring in Hospitality Management delight the University community and beyond with dining experience.

in hospitality In the hospitality industry, where “experience is the product,” the ability to deliver excellent customer experiences is the only path to overall business success.

Retail and hospitality experiences can drive the deepest emotional connections a consumer has with a brand – because they are intense opportunities to serve, delight and create desire. You’ll find the perfect Grand Slam experience this summer with a wide range of hospitality packages tailored to you.

Whether you’re entertaining guests or want to sit just metres from the action, get ready for an experience like no other at Australian Open DEMO MOBILE CONCIERGE: WANT ANYTHING.

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