Making and receiving telephone calls essay

Healthlite has corporate headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut and has several production plants in different states in the U. Healthlite has grown rapidly and is looking toward improving its business by making its sales and ordering processes more efficient. Organization Overview In the following paragraphs, the overview of the Healthlite Yogurt Company will be discussed according to the listed categories: In each production plant, a minicomputer system connects to the mainframe and receives customer orders and related information from headquarters.

Making and receiving telephone calls essay

Answer Phone — this feature is used for out of office hours. It enables people to leave a message when no one is available to take the call. Call Holding — places a caller on hold when having to do another task. This could be an array of different things such as transferring a call to appropriate managers or colleagues, finding paperwork, allocating invoices or finding customer details.

Call Transferring — this enables a call to be diverted to the relevant person. The call is then automatically directed to the next line.

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Conference Call — enables more than one caller to be involved in a single telephone call. Line 1,2,3,4 — these indicate which line the call is on for when transferring, also indicates another incoming call whilst another line is in use. Phonebook — allows you to find a telephone number with ease and not having to manually type Need essay sample on "Make and Receive Telephone Calls"?

Speaker — this features plays the call aloud so it can be heard without the hand-held phone. Text Messaging — enables you to send and receive text style messages.

It is useful to have key information and questions you may need to ask the recipient written down to avoid any hesitations and lack of mannerisms. We have a system in our phonebook that can be reached though our email database, that includes everyone from colleagues, to customers and sub-contractors.

When making a phone call there is a phonebook that we search for a specific person and call them direct, without having to manually search for a number. There is also a file that contains contact details of people the company may or may not need to be in touch with.

We can either simply dial their extension number or press a button that specifically indicates every ones name. Calling people outside the office is just as simple.

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Our line is set up directly as an outside line so we can either simply dial the number or search through the digital phonebook to make the call.

Being able to relay a positive attitude over the phone is vital as this could be the first contact you are making with another company or a potential customer.

At CrownPark an example of this could be a customer ringing up for sweeper hire and explaining where, when and how big the area they would like swept is.

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It is then our job to book this in. We would then relay the information we have been given from the customer to ensure it is correct.Telephone conversations, especially business telephone conversations, follow certain patterns: Someone answers the phone and asks if they can help.

The caller makes a request—either to be connected to someone or for information.

Making and receiving telephone calls essay

May 28,  · Edit Article How to Make a Phone Call. Three Methods: Calling from a Cell Phone Calling from a Land Line Calling With Skype Community Q&A Phone technology has changed rapidly in recent years, allowing with a variety of different methods for making phone calls%(33). Mobile Phones For Deaf People.

Smart phones offering a whole host of additional functions beyond that of making and receiving calls are now common place. However, they still broadly offer the same thing: they allow us to communicate in various ways, quickly and efficiently wherever we are.

Essay on Spreadsheet and Instant Feedback. and externally through the business. This method would be used when an employee wants to efficiently and cheaply contact someone else in or out of the business with regards to giving or receiving information. Expressions for Making and Receiving Phone Calls at Work Below are some expressions we use for making and receiving phone calls at work.

These phrases will help you prepare for telephone conversations in English. May 05,  · Long distance calls from land lines cost additional prices, where as cell phones cost the same set price for both local calls and long distance calls.

However, one of the greatest features of a cell phone, is the safety net it provides.

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