Modicare business plan in hindi

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Modicare business plan in hindi

Separately, in urban areas, the scheme will cover, 1. Rag pickers and beggars. One wonders if our once-in-decade census is robust and comprehensive enough to identify abodes in rural areas on the touchstone of kucha walls and roofs.

Families with no adult members aged between 16 and 59 is by itself no indicator of poverty because they may have huge amounts of land and other wealth including cash but such a family is presumed to be poor.

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Likewise, female-headed family with no male member in the age group is presumed to be poor in rural areas. Feminists may bristle with indignation at the presumption of financial weakness associated with females.

modicare business plan in hindi

PTI In urban areas, to associate plumbers, masons, painters and welders with poverty and thus conferring on them the automatic entry into Modicare is questionable, especially when they are clubbed with beggars and rag pickers.

Ditto for tailors, drivers and conductors especially when they are tagged with rickshaw pullers. Not all electricians and mechanics are ipso facto poor either. The problem with the list of those making the grade is as much with the touchstone applied for poverty as with the untold chaos at hospitals.

modicare business plan in hindi

How can a self-employed tailor prove at the hospital reception that he indeed is a tailor? There is a cap of Rs five lakh per eligible family. Suppose, in a family there are two fourth-stage cancer patients, between them they are likely to exhaust the allocated quota of Rs five lakh bang in the middle of the year.

True, a government hospital is not likely to turn them away midway through their treatment but what about a private hospital? Will it shoulder their burden? No, it might at best tell them in dulcet terms either to find the money required or come back again the next year when a fresh quota of Rs five lakh would be allotted to the family.

With Modicare being largely based on the trust model under which hospitals would get reimbursements for the expenses incurred by them on eligible patients, this embarrassment is going to be real and not imaginary.

The trustees obviously cannot use their discretion on a case by case, or patient by patient, or family by family basis and stretch their limits beyond Rs 5 lakh per annum.

Hospitals especially private in any case are not going to be charitable though most of them are constituted as charitable trusts! Even cases covered by insurance are going to face this embarrassment with insurance companies refusing to honour their commitments beyond Rs 5 lakh per family.

Remember, Modicare covers pre and post hospitalisation expenses as well.

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Post hospitalisation expenses include medicines during convalescence crucial for full recovery. Obviously, the details have been glossed over. The author is a senior columnist and tweets smurlidharan Updated Date: Aug 16, Modicare Business Opportunity · September 28, · Modicare Full Business Plan in Hindi (A Wonderful Opportunity for Housewives,Retired Persons, Professionals, Marketing Persons & Youngsters).Please click below given link to see the you want to join this opportunity then please call me on my cell No.

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The lenders, who.

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