National identity cards essay

Hire Writer If a terrorist would be able to hold of an information regarding the use or methods of formatting an identity chip, then he would be able to change his identity over and over again. Furthermore, he could use the identity of another individual to buy weapons, military tools or anything that the terrorists needs up to supplies to aid them in their goals and objectives as terrorists. Alan Dershowitz also thinks that the fingerprints used in these identity chips are difficult to fake.

National identity cards essay

Aleinikoff January-February Cross-national group loyalties can neither be wished away or erased. Yet the idea of the American nation is worth defending against multicultural attack. Herewith some ground rules for a culturally diverse nation. Multiculturalism, bilingual education, and record levels of immigration are said to have fractured America.

In response, nativists want to cut immigration sharply and establish English as the official language.

National identity cards essay

The Commission on Immigration Reform—Barbara Jordan's last act of public service—has called for a new Americanization movement to assimilate new immigrants. Meanwhile, multiculturalists continue to assail assimilation as illegitimately "hegemonic," National identity cards essay cosmopolitans say that we should gladly accept our growing diversity and recognize that in this age of "transnationalism" many people will cross borders so easily that they will establish ties and allegiances to more than one country.

National identity cards essay

Neither multiculturalists nor cosmopolitans lose much sleep over the fate of the nation-state or are overly concerned about preserving a strong American national identity. I want to stake out a different position in this debate.

Contrary to the nativists, the increasing and resilient diversity—the polyethnism—of the United States is a current and future fact. Multiple subnational and cross-national group loyalties can be neither wished away nor erased. Yet the idea of the nation—of the American nation—is worth defending against multicultural and cosmopolitan attack.

A progressive American nationalism must be forward-looking, welcoming an America becoming rather than bemoaning an America lost. It is not enough to say, as some liberal assimilationists propose, that we should seek unity in commitment to a set of timeless civic values, including the value of diversity.

America is an open-ended proposition. We cannot simply expect newcomers to assimilate to our culture, but must accept that they will change it. This view translates into policy recommendations—I will call them "ground rules"—intended to foster a nation comfortable with cultural diversity and culturally diverse groups loyal to the nation.

Immigration policies ought to be forthrightly based on national interests—but once admitted, immigrants must be accepted as full participants in the making of America.

The Past as Present Today's controversies are an eerie echo of the debate over immigration and assimilation that gripped the nation in the opening years of the century.

Henry James, touring New York City in after nearly a quarter century in Europe, visited Ellis Island—"the first harbour of refuge and stage of patience for the million or so of immigrants knocking at our official door.

He wrote that it brought home to the observer "the degree in which it is his American fate to share the sanctity of his American consciousness, the intimacy of his American patriotism, with the inconceivable alien. In widely read essays and books, Horace Kallen suggested a model of "cultural pluralism" to replace the idea of the melting pot.

Writing in the Nation inKallen challenged both the fact and wisdom of the assimilation of immigrants to Anglo-Saxon America. He argued that the very process of Americanization produced "dissimilation" by bringing to light "permanent group distinctions.

Like Kallen, he was enthralled by the possibilities presented by the immigration of new groups to America. But in his remarkable essay "Trans-national America," published in the Atlantic Monthly inBourne depicted an understanding of American nationality more fluid and open than Kallen's.The Mountain Home Elks Lodge recently honored a local student for winning the fifth- and sixth-grade division of the Elk’s National Americanism Essay contest.

Gray Padgett of Pinkston Middle. The Social Security card faces its first major upgrade in 70 years under two immigration-reform proposals slated for debate this week that would add biometric information to the card and finally.

National Stereotypes, essaysWe know most foreign cultures, and much of our own culture, by reputation only.

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Actually, we have an "image" of the English, Scottish and Irish, Belgian, French or Spanish national character. Even though we personally may know a . Essay Thesis. First, compose the thesis for your essay.

The thesis is the central theme on which your whole essay will be based on. As you create your thesis, think about what aspect of your identity . A National ID Card Wouldn't Make Us Safer.

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Bruce Schneier; Minneapolis Star Tribune; April 1, ; This essay also appeared, in a slightly different form, in The Mercury News.. As a security technologist, I regularly encounter people who say the United States should adopt a national ID card.

National ID Cards: Civil Liberties Endangered. 5 Pages Words. National ID Cards: Civil Liberties Endangered The contemplation of a National Identification System (“NIDS”) by our government is not a new topic of discussion. - National Identification Systems: Essays in Opposition