Nightly business report december 31 2009 camaro

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Nightly business report december 31 2009 camaro

To many people, focusing on which Rust Belt relic sold more two-door sports cars seems as misguided as a mullet-growing contest.

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Big V8s are an endangered species, and rear-wheel-drive shreds fuel economy. For goodness sake, the Ford Mustang has the same rear suspension technology as a Conestoga wagon. We all should, because the Camaro and Mustang and Dodge Challenger are no longer rolling museums of automotive technology, old bits in shiny packages sold to young men with too much money.

Designed in Australia, built in Canada, styled in Detroit, the Camaro is the example of how General Motors needs to draw on its global resources. Even Ford has taken to pooh-pooing the whole competitiondespite a flurry of press releases in early touting a few victories over the bow-tie brigade, proving once again that denial is more than just a misspelled name on a GM SUV.

nightly business report december 31 2009 camaro

The Dodge Challenger, handicapped with the largest chassis of the three, saw its sales rise by 42 percent to 36, A few years ago, Ford, GM and Chrysler would be content to count their money and let hot-selling vehicles coast along with a few new paint colors.

Instead, the Camaro will get a convertible, a new Z28 edition and apparently an upgraded V6. The Challenger will also get the new V6 and hi-po, top-end versions.

The bare-bones models of Camaro and Mustang will offer more power than their top-end models did a decade ago, and with better fuel efficiency. Last year, more thanpeople enlisted themselves in the cause of enjoying what they drive through these three models.

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