Physical light

Where to find the new Physical Area Light Note the new mental ray section. All lights below the line are mental ray lights.

Physical light

Visible Controls the primary visibility of the light. By default physical lights are visible and they will block you from seeing through them both from the front and back. If a light is visible, it will cast shadows from other lights. Below shows a rectangular light with visibility enabled on the left and disabled on the right.

Note that there is no difference in the light distribution here. However lights with visibility Physical light will cast shadows from other lights in the scene. Bi-directional Enables bi-directional lighting such that light is emitted on both sides of the shape.

Only valid for Rectangle and Disc area shapes. Below shows a rectangular light with Bi-directional disabled on the left and enabled on the right. Note how the light comes out of both sides with bi-directional enabled.

Normalize Intensity Removes the area of the light from the lighting calculation. Enabling this option prevents the light intensity from changing when the size of the light changes.

Spread Enables directionality control for Rectangle and Disc area lights, similar to a barn door effect or spot light.

The lower the Spread, the more the light is concentrated in the direction of the light normal. A Spread value of 1. Note that a Spread of 0. This is due to a mathematical sampling limitation.

More samples will produce smoother lighting and shadows. Generally, the larger and more intense an area light is, the more samples it needs to produce noise-free results. Sampling values can range anywhere from smaller numbers like 32 to or higher all depending on your scene and lights. Values like or higher will not necessarily lead to the kind of slow-down you may be used to in other renders so don't hesistate to prioritize image quality and push this value until your scene looks smooth enough.

For more information, see the Unified Sampling page.39 rows · Light exerts physical pressure on objects in its path, a phenomenon which can be deduced .

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Physical light

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