Psychology class reflection essay

Contradictions of the Muslim religion and classical psychology. The One about Muslim Students The dark side of human personality and its measures. Dark Personality Abnormal Psychology Papers Topics The abnormal psychology itself deals with abnormal behavior and other disorders and academic papers topics on psychology usually deal with them and their treatment. The diagnosis of attention in children with disabilities.

Psychology class reflection essay

In this essay I reflect on two contexts in which positive psychology applications I used by reflecting on them first as a coach helping a fellow student apply a coaching plan, and second Psychology class reflection essay a recipient of a fellow student helping me implement my own coaching plan.

I further reflect on the coaching skills and experience used by me in this role play as well as my own experience of receiving the coaching. I discuss my views of the benefits and challenges and the opportunities where I applied theories and techniques.

He further explained his strategy for a coaching plan of approaching several people each week at social events and public places such as bus stops. He spoke confidently of doing this and I was curious about what was preventing him from doing this already and why he needed to do it.

Psychology class reflection essay

I thought the best way this coaching session would help him is to find out where he needs help most and what his fundamental goal was. I proceeded in asking questions about his current social activities and he said he struggled with building an interest and desire in wanting to get to know other people.

This prompted me to ask why he thinks he needs to get to know lots of different people. One of the steps in this framework is to ensure the activity or task a person is struggling with is something they absolutely have to do Linley et al, Using this type of question allowed us to explore more of the areas he wanted to improve, so I asked him what happens when he talks to people in social situations.

The Realise Two model discussed by Linley et al advises coaches to take a holistic view of the client, incorporating both used and unused strengths and weaknesses. From this perspective the problem may have been building rapport and weakness is his attitude.

At this time I considered if there was some hidden fear or other issue that was not being raised. The coachee responded that although he had no problem talking to people or building rapport, he found people boring in general.

At this stage one option I had was to look at a coaching plan on building on his strengths in socialising and communication; as stated in Linley et al a coach should reframe activities and focus on strengths, looking at what works rather than problems.

Two things came to mind at this time, first was my sensing his feelings of hostility and some narcissist characteristics. These neurons sense and respond to others emotions and that negative emotions trigger stress chemicals in the body, spreading to others in the surrounding group.

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Furthermore Kauffmandirector of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School, discusses how coaches can utilise their full range of what they know, being an integrative approach which includes the use of psychoanalytic based 1 coaching which looks below the surface to unconscious processes, conflicts and includes understanding of how a client reacts emotionally.

It therefore might be beneficial to use Emotional Intelligence in a coaching plan for this person to help him manage his emotions and those of others. Goleman discusses the hallmarks of emotional intelligence which include self-awareness and motivation.

The second thought I had was to explore his belief that certain people are boring. I felt a need to know what types of people and circumstances this thinking occurred with him.

One of the ways this could be done is by using attachment theory as explained in Drakeit requires a person to tell their story about what they have done and are doing to get an understanding of how they perceive themself in the world and develops their ability to self-reflect.

By talking through problems these become aware of areas where they are contributing to the problem. Adaptive strategies from the past are seen as unhelpful and discarded for more effective coping and emotional strategies. These were the two areas we needed to explore however we ran out of time and did not get another opportunity to work further on it therefore I could not determine at this time what his real goal was, if he was afraid of people and needed help in identifying where the fear came from or if his goal was simply to improve 1 relationships with others to achieve some other unidentified goal.

I would need to know this before deciding what is irrelevant and what to focus on, however upon further coaching with this person one methodology that I would consider is a forgiveness intervention with an empathy component.

The aim is to allow a client to address feelings of past hurts and forgive the perpetrator.

Psychology class reflection essay

Of the many forgiveness interventions, this one focuses on perspective taking, showing people have a decreased level of hostility and neuroticism and increased interpersonal warmth.

The coach listened to my experiences with this which has improved my skill in managing emotionally tense circumstances. I explained how I did this when the opportunities arise by noticing an emotion arising before it surfaces and then change my feelings by focusing on some nice image such as a peace symbol.

This increased my control of responding from emotion and increased my focus with listening and responding more accurately from a calm place. Consequently I improved relationships where this occurred. The person coaching me asked questions to clarify my goal of increasing productivity by improving my focus.

I was asked questions to explore what was happening now and what blockages occurred where we identified specific distractions. The coach suggested part of the problem was not having a clear time structure for the length of time spent on the tasks causing a possible second problem of taking time out for personal reflection.

One of the methodologies that the coach discussed was ACT which is a mindfulness-based values-directed cognitive behavioural therapy which consists of six core interrelated processes; contact with the present moment, values, committed action, self as context, defusion and acceptance Harris, Applying the values process I would identify my value of working productively through optimal reading and writing and then apply committed action which would be increase my focus to increase the skills.In class we discussed how the scientific method could help us understand the roots of certain crimes.

The specific example we studied was a murder that occurred over the summer in Cheshire, Connecticut. Clinical Reflection Essay Sample.

What classroom management and lesson ideas have you observed that made an impression?

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The classroom management technique that was the most effective in my classroom was “class,, yes.”. Reflection Essay Through my experience of learning in Psych , I have learned that my body is continuously being controlled by a myriad of factors and influences.

There were several topics in the class that intrigued me and got me to think about the classroom material in my own personal life. Orientation to psychology is a class that is for psychology majors to help them get on the right track to success for psychology.

The class prepares you to get to know the field better by taking you outside the classroom and getting to know other professors in the field. The three essays that I wrote for this class really challenged me to improve my writing.

My first essay, really served as an introduction to the new style of academic writing. My focus in this essay was not on implementing others ideas, but on learning how to express my own effectively. Apr 17,  · Brooke Femenias. Intro to Sociology. April 17, Through this course I have learned many things about not only the community I live in but communities all over the world that I .

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