Quality assurance review

Disability Quality Branch Review:

Quality assurance review

Record compliance may be assessed separately from time to time as determined necessary by the QA committee. The Case Compliance Checklist addresses the appropriateness of the therapeutic intervention, the diagnosis, treatment plan, that services were related to the treatment plan goals and objectives, and that documentation accurately reflects the services provided.

The QA Committee will review the Case Compliance Checklist at least annually to ensure that the form is updated with any pertinent changes in policies and procedures. The purpose of reviewing clinical care is to evaluate the quality and therapeutic outcomes of the services provided to the client.

The ultimate purpose is to ensure high quality client care is provided that is clinically pertinent and appropriate. It is to ensure that pertinent, timely, appropriate, and legible information is contained in client records.

Completeness shall refer to the specified uniformity in the record keeping. Process The QA Coordinator will randomly choose client names from the active clients list and the termination query list for every clinician each month. The list of charts to be reviewed Peer Review List will be available online to all Quality assurance review and will be updated by the QA Coordinator at least monthly.

The review will be conducted by trained staff who will complete the Case Compliance Checklist. Upon completion, the reviewer scores the checklist and will note any deficiencies on the Case Compliance Quality assurance review.

The reviewer then will scan the Case Compliance Checklist to QA, leaving the original for the clinician responsible for the case to make the appropriate corrections. The clinician will then scan the Case Compliance Checklist to QA again with the appropriate corrections and signatures.

This random selection of records shall represent at least one record from each clinician, one representation of each of the services provided including at least; one AOD client, one youthful client record, one adult record, and one record representing an ethnic or racial minority group as available within the agency.

The entire chart should be reviewed. Each client record within the framework shall be organized in a manner consistent with the policies and procedures and the model record on file at the agency.

The general organization of the client record shall be the responsibility of the support staff. All surveys will be collected when completed. Clients will be surveyed in the following areas: Appropriateness Responsiveness to client needs Cultural Competency of staff providing services Recommendation of services to others Overall satisfaction Additionally, the local ADAMH board will share the results of the community wide mental health service survey Referral Source Satisfaction Survey and this data will be integrated into the Utilization Review to determine areas of service to be developed.

Finally, persons served, and their families or significant others will be invited to participate in the planning, implementing and evaluating all mental health education services through the Community Service Plan. Referral sources will be surveyed in the following areas: Access ease of referral Program Information general information about program Client information feedback about clients Overall satisfaction All surveys will be collected when completed, and the information will be compiled and reported in the Annual QA Report.

The results of the survey will be incorporated into Utilization Review to determine areas of service to be developed. This entails review of clinical time utilization, scheduling, space allocation, hours of operation, service modalities, and budgeting.

The Utilization Review determines if and what agency resources are underutilized or over utilized, and if these resources are being inefficiently scheduled.

It further makes recommendations to address any findings. The Utilization Review examines length of stay, discharge, and continuation of care criteria, as well as if and when referrals to other resources are appropriate.

The QA Coordinator reviews reports related to utilization, active clients, and staff productivity to create the Utilization Review table that records the number of clients assigned to each clinician, the number of clients the clinician saw in that month, and the average number of contacts is calculated.

In addition, the percentage of agency dollars billed per clinician and the proficiency of scheduling and production by clinical staff is calculated for the monthly QA report. In the event that there is a client wait list, it will be reviewed.

Payer source information will be evaluated using specific reports, and shared at least once a year in the QA Annual Report. All other findings will be reported in the monthly QA report and any areas of concern will be discussed in the QA Committee Meeting.

The QA Committee will concern itself with reviewing the general nature of the services delivery system provided to the client. Utilization Review will ascertain that service providers are providing only authorized services.

The QA Committee assumes the task of assuring that the service is most appropriate to the needs of the client and that the length of involvement is appropriate to those needs.AMR builds Quality Assurance into our operational procedures to facilitate continuous monitoring and control throughout our organization.

Quality Assurance is an integral part of Improvement Team receives performance updates for review, analysis and to provide guidance when performance improvement is necessary.

The role of Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Management Presented to Professor: Arebe Taylor LOGIMaterials Management () By: Glennis Rowley Date: March 17th, “Quality assurance and quality control is the combination of quality assurance, the process or set of processes used to measure and assure the quality of a product.

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Quality assurance review

The VHA Finance Quality Assurance Office reviews and provides a consolidated VISN quality assurance report to the Deputy Undersecretary for Health .

The Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission (NCQAC) protects the public's health and safety by regulating the competency and quality of licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, advanced registered nurse practitioners and nursing technicians.

A Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP) enables an evaluation of the internal audit activity's conformance with The IIA's Definition of Internal Auditing and Standards, and an evaluation of whether internal auditors apply the Code of Ethics.

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