Silvio napoli at schindler india solutions

Brushing up HBR fundamentals will provide a strong base for investigative reading. Often readers scan through the business case study without having a clear map in mind.

Silvio napoli at schindler india solutions

Silvio Napoli at Schindler India a By: Napoli was involved in the planning of the Indian subsidiary and had worked closely with key Schindler executives on other strategic initiatives.

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Schindler Holding Ltd, a Swiss based organization headed by Alfred Schindler, was technology leader in elevator and escalator manufacturing.

Schindler was confident that the Indian market provided significant opportunities for growth and learning from Indian market can be employed at other locations as well.

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[10 Steps] Case Study Analysis & Solution Did Schindler make the right choice in assigning Silvio as general manager of India? I do not believe Schindler made the right choice in assigning Silvio as the general manager of India.
Who can edit: Silvio Napoli at Schindler India Amit Chanchal and Alicia Girot Strategy and Management Question 1 Schindler Schindler ma de the right choice in selecting Slivio Napoli as general manager of I ndia operations. If this strategy was working it could be implemented elsewhere.

Mitsubishi and Hyundai Elevators were other significant players. Indian market was highly price sensitive and price pressures were expected to increase.

However, surveys indicated that service was also important in buying decision, as were financial terms. Schindler decided to enter India on the basis of the business plan that Silvio Napoli prepared. Model S was to be used to win share in low-rise segment and then pickup in mid-rise segment with SP.

In addition, Schindler planned to outsource all of the manufacturing of components to local Indian suppliers with a few critical safety related components being supplied by its European subsidiaries. Napoli appointed the top executive of 5 members and shifted his base to India.

Business plan had first year target of selling 50 units but even after 8 months of entry into India, the company had not installed a single elevator.

Although one order was accepted and other four were in pipeline but they expected to be customized with glass wall. Although Napoli was nowhere near to completion of finishing targets for the first year but still he had performed commendable results under testing conditions in India. This was a new venture and had to be built from scratch.

Resistance from European plants of Schindler to get design details and specifications which made it difficult to outsource production of S by local suppliers. Silvio did excellent task of assembling his team. He made sure that the appointed people were aligned with the requirements of the company and were compatible with the corporate policies and culture of the company.

His choices of management seemed to be very logical and well thought of. The selection of experienced managers with a background in India was extremely needed.

Another positive attribute was his desire to get buy-in, from the management team, to his business model from the start.

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Silvio did right to remain away from largest segment as Schindler had no product in manual elevator category. Surveys indicated that service was also important in buying decision, as were financial terms.

The strategy that Napoli and his team were planning to adopt was to give standardized product, but follow it up with differentiated service.

This seems to be an excellent strategy keeping in view the market conditions and the customer demands. From a negative standpoint, Silvio was too determined to follow his business plan even if the market demanded adjustments.

He could have done it one after another in any order to do justice to both responsibilities.Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) Case Solution, A young Italian MBA working for a Swiss multinational is sent to India to establish a subsidiary and development?

Practice the strategy prepared at . Silvio Napoli At Schindler India. 1 Was Silvio the right choice for general manager of Schindler¡¦s India operations? Why/Why not ¡V give details. This question can be answered by taking following 3 things in consideration. Silvio¡¦s characteristics.

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From a negative standpoint, Silvio should have either done more upfront work prior to relocating his family to India or have relocated his family prior to starting to develop the company infrastructure.

Silvio Napoli - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Silvio Napoli began his career at The Dow Chemical Co., Rheinmünster, Germany, in He has held various international functions in the Schindler Group since From to , he served as a member of the Schindler Group Executive Committee with responsibility for the Asia-Pacific region.

Silvio napoli at schindler india solutions
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