The influence of hispanics in the

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The influence of hispanics in the

Sector Commentary When contemplating an investment, it is important to step back and look at the big picture. Eat-out… The combination of population change, economic conditions, and technological advancements have helped to accelerate these trends.

These are a couple of important trends that have been clearly distinguished by the demographic community. Many companies are reshaping their strategy and recognize that long term survival may depend on making major changes to their business.

We believe that the two most important demographic groups to explain the continued shift in popular trends will be Hispanics and Millennials. This is a large group of the population which must be addressed by any consumer focused business.

One interesting observation is that Hispanics spend a lot of money on apparel: This makes the retail industry particularly sensitive to Hispanics spending trends. Nation-wide or even regional fashion decisions may have a more difficult time being successful.

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This makes sense given their proximity to the Mexican border. Of course, a higher concentration of exposure makes it more critical for a particular retailer to get the fashion call right, which is true for any ethnic group.

Major retailers and consumer products companies support such well known Latin stars as: Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Sofia Vergara. Also important for retailers, are fully functioning Spanish web sites and Spanish speaking customer service representatives. For example, Best Buy offers a very easy option to convert to Spanish with the click of one button.

Another interesting area of spending for Hispanics is in the food category. Hispanics are spending more at-home versus at restaurants. This can be explained, in part, by Hispanic traditions including larger, more family focused meal time.

This is an important trend for food retailers and manufacturers. Grocery stores have evolved with new signage and aisles dedicated to specific ethnic groups including Hispanic, Italian, and Asian.

Additionally, food manufacturers need to understand the important buying behavior of their Hispanic customer. Exposure to this specific group of customers can occur via mergers and acquisitions or through product innovation. Interestingly, in the U.

Rapid growth for Hispanics is definitely positive for the economy. Unfortunately, some of this growth is offset by lower than average spending power.

Exhibit 1 illustrates the financial position of Hispanics versus other groups. This may be partly explained by the lower level of education. Similar to other generations, the unique characteristics of Millennials will help shape the world, including the way businesses target consumers and adapt to significant change.

Several studies on Millennials have yielded similar outcomes when it comes to defining characteristics. Millennials are politically independent, more liberal on social issues, racially diverse, not very religious, and well educated. Student loans and a higher level of unemployment have led to a higher rate of Millennials living at home and waiting to get married and start a family.

In addition, this group is very tech savvy and heavily entrenched in online social networking. Online shopping has become very popular and represents the highest area of growth for many major retailers.

Anyone with online access can write an opinion on a product that has the potential to reach millions of people across the globe. Millennials are easily swayed by opinions and are less brand loyal.

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Currently, the economic power of the Millennials is lacking, but the potential is high. A significantly higher level of unemployment exacerbates the spending problem. The unemployment rate at the end of May for individuals ranging in age from was 8.

Also, Millennials have not benefited from the recent rise in the stock market and improvement in housing as illustrated below in Exhibit 2. Census Bureau, Goldman Sachs Investment Research Looking forward, we believe the upside to economic growth from Millennials is substantial.THE HISPANIC INFLUENCE ON AMERICAN CULTURE SPHERES OF INFLUENCE: THE POLITICAL SPHERE 15 ASKED ABOUT THE INFLUENCE LATINOS HAVE IN POLITICS, MORE THAN HALF OF NON-HISPANICS (57%) ACKNOWLEDGE THIS SPHERE IS IMPACTED BY HISPANICS GREATLY OR MODERATELY, a directionally greater number than Hispanics attribute .

As the number of Hispanics has grown in the United States, the Pew Research Center has been documenting their influence on national life. A generation of U.S.-born Hispanics is entering adulthood, and those youngsters are reshaping the consumption of news, the use of language and technology, and the shape of labor markets.

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The influence of hispanics in the

S D. The report, which takes a deep dive into characteristics, attitudes and the potential impact of Hispanic voters in the upcoming election, also covers population growth, bilingualism, educational. Hispanic Political Influence. The Metropolitan Center at Florida International University Demographics Hispanics by Nationality • The Cuban population has decreased from about 50% of the State’s Hispanic population in to only 31% in Racial slurs for the whole family, impress your friends with your vast knowledge of hate!

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