Truth project lessons

To be sure, I do not think the people at Focus on the Family are a bunch of ninnies looking to make an extra buck by pawning off clever lesson series on overeager churches willing to buy anything that glitters with their logo. They do care for the church and have rightly pointed out the need for the church to reconsider her identity within our current cultural context. In other words, how can scripture help us to discern what is the will of God in the here and now? I think that it is obvious that there is a great deal of solid Christian teaching found in The Truth Project, and I don't feel the need to point those out.

Truth project lessons

Sunday, June 16 Truth is not simply an academic concept. The way we think about truth has a direct bearing upon the way we live our lives. Modern psychology, on the other hand, asserts that man is inherently good and behaves badly only under the influence of social or institutional pressure.

This lesson explores the implications of both Truth project lessons. Sunday, June 30 Eternal life, according to Jesus, is knowing God in an intimate, personal, and relational way.

Truth project lessons

Such knowledge, which is possible only because of divine revelation, transforms us from the inside out as we begin to see ourselves in the light of His majesty and holiness. But Darwinian theory transforms science from the honest investigation of nature into a vehicle for propagating a godless philosophy.

Sunday, July 21 Does the past have an objective actuality and significance? Or does it, as postmodernist philosophy asserts, exist primarily inside our heads? Life is a series of relationships that flow out of and reflect the Trinitarian nature of the Creator.

Sunday, August 4 Is it possible for the infinite, eternal Creator to dwell within the heart of an individual? The implications of this great mystery, which represents the very core of the Christian faith, are explored at length in this examination of the most intimate of the social spheres.

Sunday, August 11 Of all the social spheres, the state, to which God grants the power of the sword for the punishment of evil and the preservation of the good, has the greatest potential to go awry if it oversteps its authority.

The civil magistrate must always remember his place under the sovereignty of God — otherwise, havoc will ensue. On these shores a people holding to a biblical worldview have had an opportunity to set up a system of government designed to keep the state within its divinely ordained boundaries.

Tour 10 follows the history of this experiment and explores what happens to freedom when God is forgotten. Labor, economics, media, and the creative arts all have a role to play in magnifying the glory of the Creator.

God Cares, do I?Focus On the Family's The Truth Project Study Guide [Focus on the Family] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Truth Project Study Guide is intended to be used as a supplement to The Truth Project DVD set in the context of a small group ashio-midori.coms: The Truth Project Small Group Curriculum Focus on the Family's The Truth Project® is a unique Christian worldview curriculum specifically designed for use in home-based small groups.

This study is an excellent starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective/5(38). The Truth Project Study Guide is intended to be used as a supplement to The Truth Project DVD set in the context of a small group setting.

The Truth Project Study Guide is for the participant's use as they experience The DVD study.

Science and The Truth Project, Part 1

This is "Truth Project - Lesson 9" by Marcus Hammond on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. The Truth Project Review February 14, July 7, Elliot Beginning later this month, my church will be going through a lesson DVD curriculum put out by Focus on the Family called The Truth Project.

The Truth Project Lesson 7 Sociology: The Divine Imprint Summary 1 I. Introduction ‐ The God of Order A. Ps 19 ‐ “The heavens declare the glory of God ”. B. .

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