Writing a diary entry gcse past

Standard May 1st Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here; the jungle contrasts so greatly to my normal domain. I am my happiest sitting on my old chesterfield sofa, pen in hand, notebook on my lap. Indeed, that is how I have written my greatest poems.

Writing a diary entry gcse past

The first warning siren went off in the morning while we were at breakfast, but we paid no attention, because it only meant that the planes were crossing the coast.

I had a terrible headache, so I lay down for an hour after breakfast and then went to the office at about two. At two-thirty Margot had finished her office work and was just gathering her things together when the sirens began wailing again. So she and I trooped back upstairs.

None too soon, it seems, for less than five minutes later the guns were booming so loudly that we went and stood in the passage. The house shook and the bombs kept falling.

After half an hour the drone of engines faded and the house began to hum with activity again. Peter emerged from his lookout post in the front attic, Dussel remained in the front office, Mrs van D.

Before long the smell of fire was everywhere, and outside it looked as if the city were enveloped in a thick fog. A big fire like that is not a pleasant sight, but fortunately for us it was all over, and we went back to our various jobs.

Just as we were starting dinner: The food was good, but I lost my appetite the moment I heard the siren. Nothing happened, however, and forty-five minutes later the all-clear was sounded.

writing a diary entry gcse past

According to British reports, Schiphol Airport was bombed. The planes dived and climbed, the air was abuzz with the drone of engines. At the stroke of midnight I woke up again: Dussel was undressing, but I took no notice and leapt up, wide awake, at the sound of the first shot.

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Being able to use the past tense correctly is very important when you learn a language. It enables you to speak, write and read about past events and to understand when people talk about the past.

Diary entry on a Homeless person. - GCSE English - Marked by ashio-midori.com Note that a pre-course assessment may be required for this course.
Diary Writing Checklist Differentiated - diary, checklist Further information on his works during this period:

Transcript of Writing a diary entry. Writing a diary entry Learning Objectives: To understand the key conventions of diary writing To write effective diary entries based on prior information What is the purpose of a diary? In the GCSE English Language exam you may be .

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Let your children get creative with these lovely topical writing frames! Use the image and words provided as prompts to help your little learners use appropriate vocabulary. Using the stimulus 'The Lighthouse' from the literacy shed along with an example diary entry, relating to the animation.

This pack includes: Lesson plans for 2 week unit - Worksheets-SATs style reading questions - Slow writing activity, relating to the new writing criteria (very similar to our 'Titanium Narrative' unit.

- Shorter activities linking to features of recounts. Resource containing a complete GCSE scheme of work for Original Writing - Diary entry. Students will complete a diary entry response to literature and texts from World War 1.

These include Wilfred Owen's Dulce et decorum est and a series of fictional and non fiction letters from the front/5(6).

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