Writing a letter to santa paws

You can write your name, address, and the things you love - maybe a wish list too - so your Secret Santa Paws knows what to gift you!

Writing a letter to santa paws

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writing a letter to santa paws

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Christmas in July Santa Paws Letter Writing! The photo is Cooper's first Christmas , age eight months old; Santa's Workshop - North Pole, NY July dates. Christmas in July Santa Paws Letter Writing! The photo is Cooper's first Christmas , age eight months old; Santa's Workshop - North Pole, NY July dates.

writing a letter to santa paws

Dec 10,  · Santa Paws is coming: Owners to spend millions this Christmas on gifts for their pets Three per cent of owners also say their pets will be "writing" a letter to Santa Paws.

One of these will Author: Stuart Winter.

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Dear Santa Paws. Write a note to Santa Paws for your pet asking for specialgoodies for christmas. Be sure to leave pets name(s) and the address at which they live.

Dear Santa Paws, Letter: Name: Address. City / Zip. P.S. E-mail / Phone. ashio-midori.com welcomes writers of all interests and skill levels.


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Explore Brenda Comerford's board "Santa paws" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Christmas animals, Pets and Cats. Ms Maxie sending her Letter to Santa Paws! Even dogs write letters to Santa Paws Find this Pin and more on Santa paws by Brenda Comerford. Santa .

Color Games for Kids with a Bear Theme