Writing articulately

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Writing articulately

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Examples of articulate in a Sentence Adjective But he clearly adored his quick-witted and mercilessly articulate elder daughter. Contrary to feminist accounts of her patriarchal imprisonment, Emily Dickinson's objections to her father's strictures had an affectionate tone … — Christopher Benfey, New York Review of Books, 17 Jan.

He was very articulate about his feelings on the subject. The baby is beginning to form articulate words and phrases. Verb She was shocked, she told me, to see that he insisted on talking about her ideas—and about the pains and hopes that gave rise to them.

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We disagree with the views articulated by the administration. Adjective Vital, among the most engaging and articulate UConn basketball players, always has a lot to say, both in conversation and body language.

Those who know her as a cool, unusually articulate Bravo star, and those, often of a different generation, who know her as the three-time Emmy, Peabody award-winning journalist and best-selling author.

Searing French drama 'Custody' is an unforgettable experience," 10 July Of all the major entertainment awards shows, the Tonys consistently delivers the most articulate speeches, and was no exception.

Verb What that means for museums, art museums specifically, is still being articulated. Who knows when Trump comes to dinner," 10 July But the positions articulated by the two on issues ranging from trade and military spending to climate change and migration have remained far apart.

Smart Writing is Simple Writing - The Articulate CEO This has led the Army to make writing a priority; with Army leaders, such as Sgt. Dailey, speaking out about its importance.

Who knows when Trump comes to dinner," 10 July These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'articulate.

See More First Known Use of articulate Adjectivein the meaning defined at sense 1b Verbin the meaning defined at transitive sense 1a History and Etymology for articulate Adjective Latin articulatus jointed, past participle of articulare, from articulus — see article entry 1 Verb.Articulate definition is - expressing oneself readily, clearly, and effectively; also: expressed in such a manner.

writing articulately

articulately adverb — Hinton and Lipsyte clearly were writing a new kind of novel for young adults—one of unsparing contemporary realism that met a need articulated by Hinton herself in a passionate article in The New.

Writing 2 -This response partially accomplishes the writing task. A main idea is stated \(Sundara is trying to understand how football works and she is having a Really hard time\), but lacks clarity, while the supporting details provided lack focus.

When writing is expected, it often uses correct spelling and grammar (but with occasional mistakes), and it has an analytical point, although the point may not be supported with specific evidence or put forth articulately.

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Philosophy Adventure™ is designed to help students 6thth grade cultivate and defend a biblical worldview by teaching them how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the history of ideas.

If you need to teach advanced writing If you want your students equipped to discern truth If you wonder how to strengthen them academically.

writing articulately

Writing the Content You should have a good grammar and diction in your writing and ensure that it is meaningful and it carries weight. Make sure you choose words that will drive your points articulately . When you articulate your ideas or feelings, you express them clearly in words.

[ formal ] The president has been accused of failing to articulate an overall vision in foreign affairs.

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